Health & Fitness Consultancy International Limited has developed and provided a tailor made gymnastics program with services to meet the needs of all participants exclusively for the CDNIS over the past four years. As of August 2015 we were  delighted to announce that we started gymnastics classes  for The Independent Schools Foundations Academy of Hong Kong. As of Spring 2016 we have started  teaching gymnastics at The Carmel School of Hong Kong. We welcome additional opportunities to create and manage gymnastic programs for Hong Kong and beyond.

Health & Fitness Consultancy International Limited was founded in 2003 and has provided a broad range of programmes including coaching gymnastics, personal fitness training, coach education courses, First Aid and CPR for staff while honoring our mission of ensuring optimal safety and ethics in the sport of gymnastics and our services.

"their gymnastics classes are particularly praised amongst those in the know"

   -The HK Hub, June 2015